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(About S-WETS)

The Shiga Water Environment Technologies/Services Database (S-WETS) compiles and organizes seeds of information related to elemental technologies and technological services owned by Shiga Prefecture, and corporations, universities and government offices associated with Shiga Prefecture. It is a tool for matching the needs of seeds of technologies and is intended to provide them to other corporations as well as entities outside Japan.


(About Registered Information)

The information registered in S-WETS was created by parties such as corporations that provide elemental technologies and technological services. It is not intended that the Administrator or Operator of S-WETS recommend or certify specific technologies. The copyrights of the technological data registered on the Database as well as the responsibilities for wording belong to the respective persons who provided the data, and the relevant rights are protected by copyright laws and under international treaties. Please use the information on your own judgment and responsibility. We prohibit any sales or marketing activities that purport any technology as a recommended or certified technology.


(About Registration of Technological Information)

If you wish to register information on S-WETS, you need to complete the registration procedures. Please refer to the Shiga Prefecture website for details.


(Compliance with the Terms of Use)

Users of S-WETS must give their consent to and comply with the Terms of Use.