Shiga Water Environment Technologies/Services Database

The Shiga Water Environment Technologies/Services Database (S-WETS) compiles and organizes seeds of information related to elemental technologies and technological services owned by corporations, universities and government offices in Shiga Prefecture. It is a tool intended to solve issues by matching the needs of seeds with other corporations as well as entities outside Japan who need such technologies.

For this reason, S-WETS provides information by the unit of an individual technology/service, rather than by the unit of an organization such as a corporation. Technological information is classified in the Technology Map Matrix, a combination of [Subject] of technologies/services (Rivers/Lakes, Rain Water, Underground Water, Domestic Wastewater, and Industrial Wastewater, etc.) and [Activity] (Survey/Analysis, Plan/Design, Construction, and Equipment/Machinery, etc.). Furthermore, it is possible to use additional keywords which are related to [Characteristics/Effects] of technologies/services to specify the requirements for the actual use and introduction of technologies/services such as cost reduction or energy saving.